When a home buyer finds a home they will have a home inspection, a termite inspection, and an attorney to represent them and protect them.  Why not have a realtor represent them as well? 

The homeowner is represented by the listing agent.  As a realtor I offer representation to buyers I am contacted by to view homes that they are interested in.  Often buyers refuse and I am then representing the homeowner.  Buyers ask question that I may not be able answer due to my agency obligation to the homeowner. 

I offer buyer representation on a day to day basis rather than a long contracted period of time.  If a buyer is not happy with my services he or she can move on to another realtor without fear of breaking a contract agreement.  Buyers will only be contracted to use my service for the property I have introduced them to.

Buyer services:

  • Proform a daily search of properties in the buyers search criteria
  • Preview properties for the buyer
  • Provide information with regard to surrounding recent home sales
  • Provide a list of quailified home inspectors, surveyors,  and attorneys
  • Open communication lines via e-mail and telephone
  • Transaction updates with you, the attorneys and the listing agent
  • Reasonable fees
  • Service
  • Guidance
  • Professionalism

For more information on Buyer Representation call Mark Hannigan Broker/Owner, CBR, SRES at 631-766-5959.